I noticed that my last post was from back in February! I was getting ready to head back to Italy! What an amazing trip it was, from the weather being amazing to just being back in a country that one would be hard-pressed not to love! Italy captures beauty, history, amazing food (and wine), and so much more. We had a great trip, and I’m excited to go  back in less than a year :).

Now I am getting ready for another journey! Yup, this time traveling to the opposite side of the globe! I’m excited to check off another country on my list, it is not a country I thought I would visit but it is a country that I am thrilled to see in my lifetime.  I’m excited to take picture and share the experience with you all when I get home.

Updates on my health? The usual would be the answer to that, although Simponi is helping some…I still haven’t found “full relief.” I have added daily vitamins, especially for hair growth as that has been a tremendous side effect.  But other than that, I have also added walking daily to my list (well most days). As I think I mentioned, in January I got an Apple Watch and it has certainly been a life changer. I have enjoyed “closing my circles” and getting a daily walk in. I originally tried to walk in the evenings after work but I soon learned better to wake up early during the work week and get my walk in. Now my day seems off if I don’t get that walk in! I even found the gym at the hotels when I have traveled over the summer (how cool is that!).

The journey is still just as hard though, I feel lonely. The pain is everpresent as is the fatigue. And I’ve felt more alone this year than ever before. I think there are a lot of contributing factors to that but it has been a challenge to say the least.

Our furry kids are growing oh so big! Michael is closing in on 100 pounds, and is adorable as ever. I just love his breed. Leia rules the place in tandem with Precious. Raven and Pepper have become close friends :). We have adopted the #Tuckerzoo hashtag since it does feel like we have a brood of our own. That said, we wouldn’t trade them for the world either.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next few weeks, as there will be many exciting things happening!