It’s been almost three weeks since surgery (Friday will be three weeks!). The second week of recovery and this week has been spent traveling! I know, not what you would think someone would be doing but thankfully I’ve done pretty decently with the travel. Wednesday of last week I flew to see my amazing friend, she lives just outside of Chicago proper and I loved it. Snow was on the ground, it was nice and cold, and she has the most adorable Basset Hound (named Sherlock)! We spent the days relaxing, talking, sleeping, and exploring. I also got to visit a winery/restaurant I’ve wanted to visit for a year. Coopers Hawk……open a branch in Texas please! 

I got home on Christmas Eve night and spent Christmas Day on my couch, catching up on the West Wing. We headed the next day and landed in rainy (yet awesome) Seattle! We spent our first day exploring the blocks close to our hotel, I’m amazed there is little parking but it hasn’t been too bad because our hotel is right on Pike Street. 

We are enjoying getting away and seeing new places. We talked about coming here last year, and I’m so glad it worked out. Thursday it is supposed to pour rain so I hope to spend my day working on planning 2017 goals. One thing I missed this year, I didn’t have a drive/a focus for anything in particular. I was just keeping my head above water and I don’t like that feeling. I miss (desperately miss) the goals of homework and class schedules. But I realize I can find organization in other things – finances, goal planning, working out, and my business. So that is one thing I hope to work on this coming year. Focusing more on consistency and goals, things can be achieved and when you are constantly working toward something I’m the first to say – you feel grounded. 

Off to get some rest, pictures of our day are posted on my Faceboook page (see link to the side). Seattle is cerainly an amazing place! 

One month today!

One month today, 11/15, my world changed in a way I never anticipated. I’m so glad that today I am definitely not where I was last month. Last month I was bleeding so bad I couldn’t change fast enough, I was crying because the cramps were so bad, and at this time, I was actually sitting in an ER getting ultrasounds done and fluids.

Two days later, I was back to the ER and this time getting admitted for Sepsis. And then it just goes from there. I’m grateful this month, I am almost one full week post surgery. I’m healing slowly every day. Today I can breath better, I think the massive steroids are working on my lungs. I can breath and it not feel like I’m being stabbed, just a little raw.

I’m moving slow and super sore, but I’m trying to move a bit each day. My goal Saturday (one week post surgery) is to get on my treadmill and just walk for 5-10 minutes (work my way up). I need to keep my legs moving!

I spent today working on finding a new pulmonologist. The CAT scan came back with a small (5mm) nodule in my right lung. While we know that RA can do that, we want to make sure to be aggressive with ensuring that is all that it is. I hope to see my PCP after the holidays to get a referral, that also gives me time to find a pulmonologist that I can hopefully see. It is always something right!

At least we are making progress in the healing department! One step (one day) at a time!

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Healing One Step at a Time

I spent today on emails and working on budget. While I miss getting ready and getting to the office, I do enjoy I can work from home and keep up with emails and things at the office. We are winding down for the semester, which is another great thing. We have said time and time again, if this whole mess had to happen…it happened at the best time possible. The “slowest” time of the whole semester is the week before Thanksgiving through the end of the semester….and when did the bleeding just randomly start…the week before Thanksgiving! God always knows!

Pain today has been pretty steady, I try to not depend on the pain medicine. One thing I hate is being pain medicine dependent, it is far to easy when you live in constant pain. I’m hoping by tomorrow or the next day I will see a change in my breathing, I will have been on steroids for 5 days at that point….and I anticipate that helping my breathing improve.

I have my first surgical follow up appointment on Tuesday. I’m feeling more and more confident I will be flying next Wednesday….moving slow (most definitely) and not up to my normal (that will take weeks) but at least moving! And hopefully seeing SNOW! : )

Hubby went back to work today, he feels so much better! I hated that he was sick when I was sick. He rarely get sicks so it always sucks! BUT he is much improved today, I would say pretty close to his normal.

Off to watch the Survivor finale! One day I will have a Survivor cake šŸ˜€

Such a gorgeous tree
Leia loves to snuggle
Precious taking advantage of my wheelchair
Pepper loves the couch
Michael is an adorable baby
I love Leia’s ears

Day 4!

Great news, the hubby is feeling much better! The antibiotics and hot drinks are helping, he feels 85-90% better! Yay!!

I’m amazed how some people think the body works! I’ve had some (not many but some) people start asking me today if I’m back to my normal! I just shake my head, it’s hard enough to live every day fighting through RA and Lupus. But add a surgery where your uterus has been cut, and add every breath feeling like someone is stabbing you. Hmmmm I don’t think even a “normal” person would be back to his or her normal!

Pleurisy isn’t a coughing issue, it is every breath causes severe pain. There is unfortunately nothing that can be done to help or fix it but I am on oral steriods. The oral steriods will help the lung lining heal (become less inflammed) and that will reduce the pain with every breath. I so wish couch meds or tea would help it!

I was able to spent the day watching Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girls, Sex and the City, random Lifetime shows all while working away on emails. It is nice that your job is so dependent on emails, and it gives me the human interaction I need (even if it is only emails)!

I did some laundry (that took a while) and I did a load of dishes (who knew it took so much energy to load the dishwasher! I felt super proud of myself! And I took a shower, washing my hair! Now the trick will be straightening it! HAH!

The day surgery and emergency department both called to check on me today. I appreciate the thoughtfulness to call. While there isn’t really anything they can do, it helps to know they at least care to check on you!

The kids have enjoyed just relaxing today, Michael is growing bigger and bigger every day!

The couch is hers
Michael has claimed the love seat
I love NY pants are awesome, and Leia is buried in the blue blanket!
Michael believes the love seat is his exclusive bed
Leia is all worn out!

Day 3 Post Surgery

We talked to my OB today, she called after she got all my records from Saturday’s ER visit. We had also left her a message so she would know what all was going on. She let us know that my lungs were one of the biggest issues (next to my RA and Lupus) going into surgery. They started IV steriods even before I went under anesthesia and gave me some before I left for the house. But apparently that was not enough. Now her biggest concern is if I need more surgery somewhere down the road….we will know that my lungs won’t handle it well.

It’s funny because I was not born with poor lungs. I didn’t even have asthma as a kid. The damage to my lungs is 190% from my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. Back in 2010, when I ended up majorly sick in the hospital for two weeks….my lung lining was damaged. Since then I’ve been consistently on asthma medicine. This past year, any cold I have needed to get stronger inhalers (over my usual ones). I’ve noticed that change in my lungs, it is scary because you only get two lungs! I didn’t anticipate this complication from surgery; although, honestly I needed the surgery so badly….we would have probably gone forward with the surgery regardless.

For the first time since 11/15 I’m not bleeding heavily, giving us hope that the D&C and the myomectomy was a success. Before November I never even knew what a fibroid was! I can only imagine women who have fought the battle with fibroids for years! I cannot imagine what is is like for you! I fought the battle for weeks and I was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. I knew when the massive bleeding (unlike anything ever in my life) started on the 15th that something was wrong…we never expected the next few weeks to happen but we are so glad that it looks like things are going to be much better after I heal!

Now the goal is to go months before ever having to go back to the ER, and years (if ever) before having to deal with Sepsis or another surgery!

Hubby is doing better, thank goodness for the HEB RediClinic! The antibiotics are working as is the couch syrup they prescribed. Nothing is worse than both members of the household being so sick :(. At least the furry kids haven’t Ā been sick, although I feel for them since we both have felt so bad…they have had to spend a bit more time than their usual in their bedrooms.

Here is to hoping that tomorrow things are better, that my lungs hurt a little less with every breath and that each movement does not feel like I’m being stabbed with a knife. And that hubby wakes up feeling better too! My goal tomorrow is to sit in bed, answer emails, and rest!

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Day 2 Post Op

Day two Post op has been tough. Hubby woke up feeling worse than he had been Friday. He finally went to the Redi Clinic and turns out he has tonsillitis. He got some antibiotics and prescription cough medicine so we hope in a few days he feels better.

Today for me has been a severe pain day, I’ve been sleeping on/off most of the day. I got up to watch the Texans play and slept through the three quarters. At least they won!

The kids have been cuddly all day, which has been nice. Breathing hurts so bad, and moving hurts so bad. I don’t know which pain is worse – the surgery pain or the pleurisy! Ā God help anyone else in this situation! We knew complications could occur, this was just not one we guessed would happen!

This week my only goal is to rest, heal, and pray medications start to work! I got a whole pack of steriods to help my lungs heal, which will help reduce the pain of every breath. My inhalers are going to help too. The pain meds for the surgery pain will help me continue to walk a little bit more each day, we are having me walk up and down the hall at the house. We need to keep me moving to reduce the potential for clots and it will help me from getting stiff.

I’m two weeks past when I need my Simponi (my auto-immune suppressant for my RA and Lupus). As you can imagine that pain is also severe! I need my shot as soon as I am healed, I can’t take it before since it will shut down my immune system and if I’m not healed I will get tremendously sick again.

We continue to be so grateful for everyone who has called, texted, checked-in on us, etc. We are so touched by everyone’s support!

A few pictures from today!

The girls love to cuddle today!
Leia’s favorite spot, on the bed beside me!
She loves to cuddle!
Peppermint Hot Chocolate to help my throat feel better! #lovethenewredc
I waited in the car for the hubby to see the dr at the Redi Clinic (thank goodness HEB had a spot for him. #onantibioicsnow

Unforgettable Week!

What an unforgettable week! I had my first surgery (ever) yesterday (Friday). The morning started so early, my hubby and I woke up at 4 so we could do my pre-surgery prep before we left for the hospital at 5. I got called into pre-op about 5:30a.m. and they worked quickly and efficiently to get me in a gown and set up in a nice warm bed. The nurses were amazing, they walked me through the process of what to expect and made sure I was comfortable.

The only thing that was tough was finding a vein for an IV line. I’ve been so sick since 11/15, my body is worn out. It took two tries but they finally got an IV line in! YAY! I met my anesthesiology team and both the nurse and doctor was awesome. My OB came in and she made sure I knew what was going on and was comfortable and ready. I kissed hubby by and me, the nurse, the anesthesia nurse, and my OB all went to the OR together. It was a smaller room than I anticipated, my last memory was being told it was going to be all ok by my OB.

I woke up in pain and nausea but the PACU group worked quickly to make sure I was taken care of quickly. I went back to sleep and woke up to the most adorable teddy bear to cuddly (thanks to my amazing hubby) and then I woke up again when they were getting me ready to go home. I crawled into bed and slept on and off all afternoon.

My OB went in and did a D&C, and she also was able to find a huge fibroid. It was taking up 3/4s of my uterus and she believes it was likely the cause of the severe bleeding that led to the sepsis and other downhill spin of my health since 11/15. She was able to get the whole thing cut out and amazingly everything was done via vaginal scopes so no external incisions….just internal. The pain was severe but my OB said in a few weeks I should be feeling better, I can’t lift anything over 10 pounds and I have my post-op appointment with her in two weeks.

Fast-forward to this morning, I woke up at 6a.m in severe pain, beyond the pain of my surgery. I could not breath without almost screaming. I took my asthma inhalers, took some pain meds, and then tried to go back to sleep. I woke up again at 8 and realized something was wrong. Matt called the OB on call and she said try a shower and if the steam didn’t help me feel better, I needed to get to the ER.

We tried the shower, and nothing changed. So we packed up and to the ER we went (mind you this was my 4th ER visit since 11/15!). We got seen amazingly fast, they did chest x-rays, labs, and CAT scan with contrast. The verdict….some how in the less than 24 hours since my surgery…I’ve developed pleurisy. Breathing is torture, and add the surgery pain..a whole new level of misery! šŸ˜¦

I know what I will be doing the next two weeks — sleeping and taking pain meds!!! However, I am very happy my OB was able to find the fibroid, my biggest anxiety pre-surgery was not having surgery but it was her opening me up and finding nothing. Which would mean no answer to the sever bleeding and less hope of treatment being successful. Knowing she was able to find and remove a huge fibroid, gives me peace that I should not have the severe bleeding re-occur, she will continue to monitor me and I am thankful that the surgeries (D&C and the myomectomy) were successful and hopefully my body bounces back quickly.

I am so sad I’m missing my friend Joy’s graduation. I was supposed to travel this Thursday, but I know that is not possible. Now we are praying and hoping that I will be ready to travel (albiet slowly) on the 21st when I fly to C-town and then on the 26th when we are scheduled to travel to Seattle/Canada.
Pray for us, we are so grateful for all the thoughts, prayers, food, love and encouragement from all! We appreciate each and every one of you!
P.s. I’ll post some pictures too, they are just on my phone, see next post


We lost our Bruce (Siberian Husky) in May. It broke our heart to let him go but his Crohn’s disease had advanced to the point he was suffering so much. It was time. Leia (our Frenchie) was so used to having a brother around we knew she would be devastated to be alone. So before Bruce died, we brought home Michael ( he was a 8 week Pyrenees). I have always loved giant breeds, having Michael only makes me love them more. He wants nothing more than to love on you. He loves to play with his toys and chew on his Kongs.
A few pictures of our kids.

Michael is now 90 pounds and 9 months old! Leia is 5 years old, Pepper is 4 years old, and Precious is working on 11 years. We love our furry kids. They bring us so much joy, yes they are all super spoiled (but why shouldn’t they be!).