The fight continues

Sometimes it gets so old to say “the fight continues,” but it is so true! Sooo many days I wish I could wake up, and this whole autoimmune condition would be nothing more than a dream. But day after day, I realize this life I live isn’t a dream. Since 2009, this life has continued to teach me one thing – I am not in control. I am not in control of how I will feel each day, I am not in control of how much energy I will have, and I am not in control of how it will affect my emotionally and mental health. 

One big thing I have noticed, consistent and continued pain affects your entire being….this includes your mental health. For some of us, this a big easier than for others….but it is an important concern to be discussed and brought to light for all of us.

In a great normal world our pain is temporary…..we have a small fight with an illness (I.e, cold, flu, etc.). Our bodies, mentally and physically, were not built to fight consistent daily pain….consistent daily fatigue. Our emotions were not built for that! And in fact, it isn’t a battle just for us, but it is a battle for our caregivers.

Often we discuss our lives, yes we are the ones who have to fight day after day….but stop for a moment and think of the wives, the husbands, the fathers, the mothers, the friends, etc. They do, our inner circle at least, have to learn to fight our battle too. And it is exhausting for them too! They too are in this battle in their unique way! The fight continues for them, just as it does for us.

While I haven’t been posting as much over the last year (for a variety of reasons), I felt that these words were important to share tonight. Fighting through tonight and into the morning!