The punching pain, the pounding headache, the nausea, the exhaustion – these things describe a “normal” day for many of us. This “normal” is something we know to expect every day, throughout the day. When you have constant consistent gut wrenching pain….excitement isn’t a word that comes to mind. By no means can anyone be excited for pain, fatigue, nausea, hair loss, diarrhea, and more. Here is one thing I have learned in my short, six year journey….we have to find something to be excited about in our lives. For many years that for me was my education. I LOVED getting ready for class, reading books, writing papers, sitting in a classroom. That was my excitement, my why, my reason to get up and put that smile on. Of course there are other things but that was one thing that really really impacted me. Now that of course has shifted, because school is over. But tonight I just felt that someone out there needed this tidbit….find a why! Lord knows the pain and all of it sucks. You feel lonely, no one can see the hurt and exhaustion, people don’t see how low it can be…people can’t imagine how awful every day is for your poor body. And while that’s not ok, and I wish it would change, for you….for you to reach your goals and forge through a live your life…..find your why! You have been created for an amazing reason, my faith brings constant reminder that I am not alone. God has a purpose for my life, he has a plan, he gives strength and a hope. I pray that over you tonight! Hold to my belief that God has a plan for you too! A plan to prosper you! A gift of his life, love, and mercy. Hang in there in this tough night! Keep pushing forward!