New try

In my world of RA and Lupus not much has changed (hence the quietness) but the good news. After almost two years after I first heard of my biologic options, I finally was approved for Orencia. What a battle, but two shots down I have high hopes. My next two options are Rituxan and the new bio pill….but we hope that Orencia works! 

The joys of tweaking medicine, methotrexate is staying. Much to my great dislike, I’ll keep my Orencia and MTX (at max dose), I had hoped to ditch mtx but that wasn’t the case. My rheumy is too afraid that Orencia alone won’t work so to save time lost, both are staying.

Other than that, things have been busy at the day job and my side job. I am amazed that it is December! I don’t know where the year went! It feels like the year flew by! I’ve started on my list of what I hope to see and do next year. I know MANY great things WILL happen!