A New Year

Nope not quite 2016 yet but my sixth (6th) year of marriage had ended and my seventh (7th) has begun! We have also started our 10th year as being a couple! Hard to believe that for nearly 10 straight years my husband had been my constant. The person who has seen all the ups and downs with my diseases, has watched me graduate with not one, not two, but three degrees! My husband who is now working toward his educational career and dreams. And we are where we never thought we would be. 

We talked this weekend about how much we have grown and changes. We have matured, we have seen the darkest of nights and some of the most joyous mornings. Will more come, yes I have no doubt…..especially with these diseases! 

 I am excited to see this new year! I’m excited to see what GOD will do this next year of marriage! I’m hopeful for even bigger and better things to praise God for! He is good and he is faithful, he will never leave us! 

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