Have you ever tried to research biologic medicine??? It is insane that there are sooo many other there! I’m meeting my rheumy on Monday to discuss new options for me. I am a fail on Enbrel. I am hopeful there is one out there for me. I’ve asked for Orencia, my rheumy has suggested Rituxan. Ultimately I know it depends on insurance and co-pays. Any suggestions on navigating the rough waters of switching biologics? 

Goals and Dreams

Do you ever have those days that seem to start and end soo fast? Maybe it was just me but today flew by! It is nice to be home, and get things back into their “normal routine” before work starts back tomorrow. I love that I’m not dreading work, as in I love getting out of the house and being in the office. I know there will be a time where that won’t necessarily be what I do every day, but while I am doing that I will enjoy it. Granted, it would be awesome to sleep late ๐Ÿ˜› .

I had a great conversation this weekend and I was spurred on to make some changes. That includes taking better care of my emotional, mental, and physical health. I am hoping to make some small daily changes AND develop new routines to take better care of myself on all fronts. I know there is a lot of out of my control with my RA,Lupus, COPD, etc. BUT I also know there is much much more I can do for myself!

Another new thing starting tonight, I have started a second blog! This blog is focused on one particular area of my life, and the second blog is the same but on a different aspect of my life. Part of having more time, is spending more time advocating and sharing what my life is like and things I have found that help me. And I also feel it is important to be open about this life (life with an invisible illness) and how things are different but yet still possible! I’ve mentioned on here several times that I have started my own direct sales business, yes I know I lot of people are doing them and that I find awesome. It is a challenge, it is new, and it takes walking through your fear sometimes to do it! Can you imagine doing one when you are struggling with an invisible illness? Just like I shared my journey through graduate and the doctoral program, I have been feeling that it is important to share how life is for someone like me (battling major autoimmune invisible illnesses) and growing a direct sales business. Maybe it will help someone out there ๐Ÿ™‚ At least I can try! Never know about something until you try, so tonight I started my trying.

I’m excited to see what will happen in the days and weeks to come! Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

And then there was

Another great part of October is a trip to Hawaii! My hubby had to go for training so I got to hop in the suitcase! I am not going to stay as long because I have other commitments but I am enjoying the island while I am here. I wish I felt better, being sicker than usual sick while away from home is never fun but I’m still enjoying it! 

Crazy monthย 

September 2015 will be memorable for a lot of reasons! Life got insane truly insane. I have learned so much about myself and life. I’m caught a cold the last Monday of August I caught a cold….and I’m still dealing with the chest cold today! Crazy how our immune surpressed body struggles to heal! It is insane that a small cold can do so much to our body! After weeks of antibiotics, oral and injection steroids, and tons of cough/cold medicine I finally was given a COPD inhaler which is helping. For readers who have followed my blog from the very beginning you remember that I was hospitalized back in 2011. I was super sick and at that time my lungs were damaged. I didn’t expect the damage to go to COPD so fast, but I was told after multiple tests that I was in the last stage before COPD back at that time. The major infection I had then truly hurt my lung lining YAY darn body!

But in the whole picture of things, I’m choosing to focus on the good! I’m focusing on healing from this current illness and getting back on meds. As you can imagine a month of no meds, pain is super high. And I see my rheumy again on the 19th to discuss a change from Enbrel! I asked for Orencia and she countered with Rituxan. I am just hoping it is something that works! And since I did the TB cocktail last year I won’t have to wait for that again (I hope). 

I am realizing how thankful I am to have school done! I look at my August and September and I don’t think I could have done school and life! I probably would have pushed hard to do it, and I would have probably survived but it was soooo nice to not have it! It was such a relief! Again, I realize God knows! He knew what I could handle when! My whole two years of the doc program, yes I added biologics and yes I did the TB cocktail, that was torture BUT overall I was on a maintence with doctors. I saw them every 3 months which was good helped me keep things going elsewhere. Was I sick? Oh yes! In pain? Most definitely but I wasn’t going to two or three doctors every week which has been my September! 

I’m excited to see what October brings! I know there will be many gooood, no great things! With any bad in your life, you can either let it consume you or take it and let it change you for the better. This poor health, well poorer than my usual poor, will not be a negative it will a positive! A great change for me :). 
Hugs and prayers XO