Surround Yourself!

Surround yourself with the positive you want to see in your life! That is one tidbit of knowledge I have realized and feel like it is important to share. No matter what your dreams are, no matter where you hope to go in life, you need to surround yourself with people who not only love you but support what you are seeking to do. Whenever you do anything new, be that a new diet, a move, a new job, or anything there will always be people who do not get where you are coming from. Some may feel that is all you do, all your conversations, all your time is whatever you are doing. Why is that? Well because you are excited about it, but they might not get that. My encouragement to you, is a) always surround yourself with those positive people who do get it, who are as excited as you are and b) to love and be patient with those who are not. Remember when someone is telling you no, that doesn’t necessarily mean (and many times they are not) they are telling you the person no. They are likely saying, no I really don’t want to go to the gym with you, no I really do not want to try that, or no I don’t think moving there is such a great idea. It doesn’t work for them, but there are literally thousands of people who it may work for, so don’t be discouraged.  Never ever stop being that friend, above all be that friend. Be the friend, be the person who does love them not matter what, be the friend who does want to be there no matter what. That is my encouragement to you, because we are people, we are human, and we do feel things! 🙂

And that is especially true when we are living life as well as fighting our invisible illnesses. The word “invisible” says a lot. People don’t see it, and we all know that battle. We see the stories about this very thing over and over, but the awesome thing is, we also can have that community of people. I have been so so blessed to find some pretty awesome friends who know this battle. They lift me up, they encourage me, and I am so thankful for them. Truly the Lord knew we needed to cross paths!

So surround yourself with positive today, and every day!



Sometimes I love taking a break from blogging because I realize how much it does for me. I love sharing my thoughts, I enjoy getting to read what others are saying and most importantly, I enjoy touching a world of people. There is something about strength that comes to mind, I find such strength by my fellow bloggers. Have you ever stopped to just search blogs for the illness (es) you are fighting? I did and wow! There are young bloggers, middle aged bloggers, mature bloggers, and every where in between. All ages, all nationalities, and so much more! And we EACH have a unique story to share, we each have a journey and through our sharing our journeys…we share a nugget with someone who needs its.

Our wisdom comes from experience. My experience comes from the tough battle of having Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromygalia, Sjogrens, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (the highlights of my life). I can touch someone who has gone through the journey of Arava, Imuran, MTX (2), Plaquenil, Steroids, and Enbrel. Your journey highlights YOUR journey. I can share my journey of finding this life when I was just in my early 20’s…right when I thought my life was starting. I can share the stories of battling it all while finishing graduate school and completing a doctorate.

Tonight I was thinking about my favorite word! And I will say my favorite word would be “determined.” I am super determined, no I might not make my goal every time. No I might not be the top top top person in my graduating class…BUT I will finish! Whether it will take me 12 years or if it is a goal I can accomplish in less time. I am a fighter, I am determined once I set my eyes on the goal that I want to achieve.

So taking time away from blogging for a few weeks. I have realized that my story is as important now as it was back when I started this blog. While my completion of school might be over…my life is still growing, changing, maturing, and things are still happening that could be beneficial to someone else. And I love hearing your stories too!

To more stories that we share!