God First….Family/Friends Second!

This week has been a memorable week for many reasons! I think one of the first things I will say I have learned is how much I value “treat others how you want to be treated.” I naively expected people to treat others that way….but I learned this week (probably before but this week it stood out) that people don’t treat people how I would like to be treated. Over a series of events, I have come to realize that common courtesy and simple respect to others is one thing I value so much. It makes me super proud, that I have taken the incentive to be part of a separate organization that puts God first, family/friends second…and that expects that we all treat others how we want to be treated. In a way I love that I am straddling a line…one one day the day job I am learning SOOO MUCH of what I would NOT do to others…and on my night/weekend/personal business I am able to put into it what I want others to see and feel. I want others to be treated with respect, dignity, and above all with the right attitude. Lessons were learned this week and changes are coming! I am grateful that I am learning some valuable life lessons at a junction in my life where I can truly apply those lessons.

I am also blessed in the comfort of my faith! I have felt peace in some difficult circumstances…peace because I know I don’t have to fix it..I don’t have to have the answers (and I don’t have those answers yet) BUT I DO have faith! I do have faith that God has plan…a future. I believe with all my heart that I don’t have to worry about it…because GOD has it. And HE is BIGGER than all things! There is nothing bigger than God! And that knowledge brings such peace! AMAZING PEACE! I don’t know how I would be feeling if I didn’t have HIS peace. I think I would be worrying, anxious (and yes those moments come!), frustrated, angry (yup that comes too). Human nature..when our lives are facing major changes…human nature is to PANIC! We try to relentlessly fix (and remember I am A FIXER!) the problem so we can not be in that state of “oh my gosh what am I going to do, where am I going to go,  how am I going to do whatever.” I am thankful for peace…because while I do have those moments…I do also have the peace that I go “God I don’t know…BUT I know that you do know!” Answers are coming, I cannot wait to see what those answers are for my life.

And I have been looking for a mission verse for my MK business and I have found it! Look up Jeremiah 29:11! That verse is the verse that I will be using as my mission verse for my future team/unit! Because GOD DOES have a plan for my future, plans to prosper me. And I will use that for God’s glory!

It is the attitude

It is our attitude that helps us either maintain a positive outlook or fall apart because of the things in our lives. Life is in itself tough….things happen we don’t expect…things don’t have that we do expect. And when you add on top of life the many struggles with autoimmune illness (and many other things)…life gets more complicated. I have learned so much in my short journey (I say short because I have met so many battling for 20-30 years). One thing that I am learning now is that importance of positive thinking. The importance of NOT letting someone else or something else have power over me. We all have those people who say hurtful things, those situations (be it work, friends, home life) that just get under our skin. We ponder those things over and over and over. And we wake up the next day still thinking about those things….and what I have realized is we are giving people POWER over us…POWER they should NOT have over us. Because honestly we cannot change them…we can only change US! As the month comes to a close I will share that I have been challenging myself to not dwell on things I cannot change. To not let someone have power of me, and I have been focusing on letting go of things I cannot control. If I cannot change it, fix it, make it better…..then I can adjust my attitude…I can smile when things suck, I can pray for strength, and I can focus on what good will come out of negative situations. I have LOVED developing a deeper relationship with my faith, I have enjoyed some great habits that are being built (21 days friends!).

The past several days I have wanted to blog…but I love how I blog only when the word sort of seem right! 🙂 I am ready to see the changes and the future…but I am also ready for the many great things I will do today. I have LOVED having a gratitude journal (if you don’t do one…get one!). It helps me focus on the positive things. We need to do that more than what we do.

I am really enjoying what I am learning having my own business! There are so many things..I don’t think I could blog them all even if I wanted to do so. I think I am getting the most benefits..the growth I have seen in myself…WOW! And I’m excited to see who will be my teammates..who will form my unit….because in God’s time (not mine, I have to continue to remind myself of this) I will be blessed to be a part of a unit of women that have come together to dream and change lives. I’m grateful for the many things I have learned and the many things I will learn.

The RA pain and the Fibro pain won’t win! Even though some days it feels like they will. I’m hopeful that I can find a good med combo…it hasn’t happened yet…I’m almost 90% positive that I’m failing Enbrel (I think I mentioned that before)…I would appreciate any advice on how to go forward. As I know some patients have gone through multiple biologics…Enbrel is my first.

Stay strong everyone! Hold fast to your dreams and goals and remember…if we look for good we will find it! And realize that things will happen in the RIGHT time (granted that might not be our time) but things will happen. If you are determined…you will win the fight 😀

Words to myself

Today was a growing day! Have you ever had one of those days….where not only is a Monday but you also find yourself around people who are not looking for the good in things. It is hard to be around that…it is even harder when it lasts most of the day. It takes every bit of energy to stay positive and focused…and after a short time you are mentally drained. For those of us who fight invisible illnesses these situations are also triggers for flares and increased inflammation and pain. So what do you do? How do you handle it?

Today I say many prayers, and I was determined to have the right attitude. Yes someone else was not but that doesn’t mean it had to change how I acted. I think that is one thing I personally struggle with..I want to be a today fixer. And honestly if there is anything I have learned in the past few weeks…I cannot be a today fixer in many things. In many things the problems are not mind to fix. The problems are others to fix and should they chose not to do so….that’s ok!

While I am not in a position that I want to be careerwise I am learning a lot of things. I am learning what I value, I am learning what I expect, and I am learning to depend on my faith to make it through each day. I was having a conversation with a great friend tonight and we were talking that we really cling to our faith in times of trial/tribulation/tough times. And she was so right because it is so hard to think about my faith when life is “great.” But I have so developed intuition, knowledge, faith, determination, and more through my process of tough times. And oddly enough I don’t regret the tough times…it makes me who I am today. I am more appreciative of things by going through the tough times. And I am learning how I want to be as a boss/leader/mentor.

So many words of wisdom to myself! 🙂 After all, we have one body and one life…why should I waste my energy and worries on things I cannot change! That’s my words of wisdom to myself tonight!

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Flares are soooo rough and draining. I wish we had adequate words to describe flares. Torture doesn’t seem to be an adequate word! I think the weather is changing, rain might be coming. Yes I could probably look at the weather channel but I don’t really want to see if it will be raining! Off to bed hoping to rest! 

The vision

Have you ever thought about the fact that you need a vision for your life! Too often I think it is easier to just wake up and face the day but I heard a really good podcast last week that made me realize…daily intention can be a great thing. In my podcast I  was listening to the speaker talk about how we have this list of goals….but for some reason (seemingly unknowingly) we can not get those goals to happen or stick. And then as the speaker was talking it became clear! Picture the leaves on  tree…leaves are attached to branches and the branches to the tree. If you picture things that way…think of your goals as the leaves on the tree….those leaves can be plucked but as they are attached to a branch those leaves will re-grow. Bottom line…if we you don’t change the ROOTS of the tree..then whatever you are feeding your branches won’t change…it might for a day or two but overall if there is no change in the ROOTS…the branches are the same and the same story follows to the leaves. If you want your goals to change…if you want to have a new habit…or whatever you want to change…then you have to start at the root. Which for humans that root (in my opinion) is your belief in things. Our beliefs in ourselves matter…those things are tied to our structure, essentially how we feel about things.

How did that tie into me? Well in my business we are doing a 21 day challenge to ensure that we are teaching the importance of great skin care. So for 21 days we are offering to a select 21 people the opportunity to learn awesome skin care techniques, earn some amazing free products, etc. BUT I was thinking to myself…I already use the skin care line (started to truly practice in January) so I have built that habit. But during this 21 days I wanted to develop a habit…a good habit.

So I decided that I would strive these next 21 days to put into practices a thinking that starts at my roots and will affect my leaves. I want to put into practice the habit of being positive…honestly if we want to find the bad in anything..it will jump out to us…but if we want to find the good and the positive…we have to work at it. This last week I will tell you I have honestly worked to have a re-think on the many thoughts through out the day. What have I noticed that has changed….a little less stress. I have told myself…if I cannot change it..why worry about it!

For those that know me….I am a huge planner! I love to plan plan plan and I love having control of my situations. Well true life…you have little control of things. So I’m working on telling myself if I cannot control it…what good does it do me to worry and stress about it? I can either take my energy and dwell on the negatives of my many situations or I can work to see the positives. And when I do that…I’m seeing I have a MUCH different perspective of life. I have joy and a vision! And I love it.

Not to say I didn’t have a vision before I started my 21 day challenge..but I am excited to see how I will see my life at the end of my 21 day challenge! There is something cool about doing something new and developing a better thinking habit! 🙂


Sometimes I wonder if flares start because your body just doesn’t like changes in routines! I did a few things today, not more than I would have at my regular job….but as of on cue I started flaring. The good news is my Enbrel is on board as is MTX. The downside is despite this combo it appears my SED rate is NOT dropping :-(. Since October when I started MTX and Enbrel I had expected my SED rate to drop….but it has only increased. I have a feeling come my next appt my rheumy and I might be discussing a new treatment routine. 

I have also realized that while I hate vitamin shots I am horrible at remembering the sublingual VitaminB! I need to take it twice a day to help battle the CFS…my other alternative is Aderal, which I hope to not need. 

Part of my routine has been to develop routines for myself. A better bed time schedule, a schedule for when I’m up doing things and ways to elimate some of the unnecessary stress. These changes also include my more positive thinking, a gratitude journal and a 6 item must get done list. It will take time to learn to manage the fantastic five but I am confident I can do so.

I am doing well in my MK business and looking forward to entering leadership. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed being mentored and mentoring others. I’m learning so much about myself and I think what makes me the happiest is that I am able to reach out (such as CRPS awareness this month) and touch lives. While in my doctorate program I had started searching for a way to reach out and bless others….Im excited through my business I am learning ways to do that. It is certainly a growing process but one Im willing to learn to do. 

Tonight my goal is centered around lessening my flare! Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow and I will wake up feeling better! 

#pushingthroughtheflare #fightingforanotherday

Raising Awarenesss

Part of what I enjoy of having a personal business is that I can raise awareness for a variety of things. One group of people that have really touched my heart are those struggling with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). This disease, like those that I struggle with, is tough! I was doing research and found some articles describing their lives (http://www.rsdhope.org/what-is-crps.html and http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/reflex_sympathetic_dystrophy/detail_reflex_sympathetic_dystrophy.htm). Daily painful suffering is not only physically taxing but it is also emotionally taxing. As I have seen in my own life, living with pain daily….is more than just a physical struggle.

As the Houston CRPS group is preparing for their FIRST awareness event (yes SOOO many people have never heard of this disease) I felt it would be awesome to support them in some way. So an idea formed and with the help of some amazing MK people and friends here is the idea that blossomed. I hope you share this post with as many people as you can! I hope we not only RAISE AWARENESS but also bless those many men, women, and children struggling with diseases. Satin Hands doesn’t sound like much, but it is sometimes those little things that truly touch someones life!

From my Mary Kay webpage (don’t forget to “like” it  :)) –

“In preparation for their FIRST Awareness Event I am “adopting” some amazing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) fighters in our amazing city and presenting each of them with a special gift to make them feel beautiful, pampered and loved. I would love for you to partner with me and my Mary Kay business to help! For $35, you could sponsor one of these truly incredible fighters and provide them with a set of Satin Hands! As a thank you for your $35 donation, you will also earn $10 MK bucks to spend on a treat for yourself! Get started by sending me an email at JoannaTucker@MaryKay.com or message me through this facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheBeautifulPlace). Let’s bring joy to someone else today! smile emoticon ‪#‎sharingjoy‬ ‪#‎spreadinglove‬‪#‎bringingawarenesstoCRPS‬ ‪#‎crps‬ ‪#‎Crpsawareness‬

The Power of Positive Thinking

I have been staying busy with planning and thinking (insane how much energy that takes) and I have continued to be amazed at how fast time goes by! It seems like it was just yesterday that it was New Year Day and now we are already to Easter. Ohh to go back to when I was a child and it felt like the year dragged on! 🙂 Oh well, I guess I should embrace adulthood and time flying fast….I can never say life is dull!

I have been having a blast putting into women and starting to formulate what I hope to see come to pass in my life. I am finding that I want to be of service to people, to use my knowledge for good to all and not just a small group. We (those of us with invisible illnesses) have a a lot to balance, the most important thing I am telling myself is to think POSITIVE. Does that mean it will take the pain and fatigue away…likely not but maybe it will help! Either way positive thinking sets you up for the expectation of success…and through that expectation of success you develop anticipation and joy. And that anticipation and joy helps reduce some of the stress and anxiety that causes me to flare. It is the small thing, and yes thinking positive is a “small thing” but it is a POWERFUL thing. I am learning that pondering/worrying etc. over the things I cannot change is just a waste of my precious spoons…why? Because my worry does not CHANGE anything! Why waste my spoons on something I CANNOT CHANGE! YES! I know our spoons are soo precious lets use those for good.

I have also learned the blessing of a gratitude journal! This does tie into the positive thinking! I mentioned this gratitude journal has been an incredible addition. Finding 5 things to be grateful for changes your mentality and helps you look for the good, because honestly if you don’t then the bad is easy to find.

The small things I am learning are going to make big changes in the life of the this woman’s “fantastic five (5)” — Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, and CFS. This journey isn’t fun, it isn’t easy, but you know what it is doable and by golly I will find a way to make it a positive life 🙂