Things are going

It has been a crazy weekend! The good news is that a major event I was running is now over (Woohoo!). Minus a projector issue, thankfully all went smooth. Nothing worse than a few hours before an event…hoping and praying all will go well. I have found I do truly enjoy the logistics behind these sorts of major projects. Stressful…yes but fun!

I am having a blast in my Mary Kay business! I am learning sooooo much. Words cannot describe the fun, the knowledge learned, and the many relationships that are being built. I am definitely glad I took the steps I did.

I am keeping my ears and eyes open for big girl job for post graduation. I keep reminding myself that I need to be in Gods timing. And that God is not a vending machine! Things will happen on his timetable not mine.

Today, I made progress on graduation! I spent the day reference checking every single reference in my dissertation! Woohoo! That was sooooooo fun. Not! But hey at least it is done. Now I have to work on spacing and making sure all the formatting is good. I am confident in a May graduation! Which this confidence makes me scared and sad, I’ve looked forward to this day….but I’m also sad because to me there is comfort in that student lifestyle. Twelve years I have been a student, I am ready to see what the next chapter holds! God is good of that I am positive!

Off to work, I love stopping in and updating. I am telling myself to be more regular about updating πŸ™‚ new 2015 goal!



Does re-organizing your home make it feel like you have a new place? I’m one of those weird people who likes to find a time about once a year where I re-arrange (well no really my hubby re-arranges, I sit on the couch and direct). Β It makes the house feel new again. Or at least it does to me. We are still renting, it has not been a good time to buy..maybe now that school is done that is one more thing we can get off our to-do list. I’m ready to move into a house that I love, a house that is made how I want it made…with things that I want. But I am thankful that we did find a house that we could afford to rent while I have spent these last two years in school. I am thankful for that!

Today has been great! The weather was AWESOME! It was probably 70 or so outside! YES 70 degrees…last week we were at 30 and this week 70 (don’t you love Houston!). I was blessed with an opportunity to have coffee with a friend. I have missed those times! The social bug in me has started to come alive again! Now I just need more spoons so I can keep up lol! Yes those spoons fly out the door sooo fast!

Today, I actually managed to clean some of my house! I cleaned the guest bathroom, my bathroom, and I folded and put away laundry. Sound small right…but they those got done today! πŸ™‚ I made calls to follow up for MK, that was so much fun. I didn’t realize how much I loved talking to people! Make me happy to be able to get out there more. I also have started going through some of the MK leadership materials. So far I am really enjoying it. I think it is cool to find a hobby that I can learn so much more than just cosmetics!

Off to “direct” more re-arranging πŸ™‚



Moving forward!

Moving forward in this dissertation process! I am working on the edits, and hope to have a final presentation date in early February. Then will just be really waiting on the other departments who have to approve my final version. I have started looking at graduation announcements πŸ™‚ Feels strange to be at this point, but I’m excited too!

I had a great week working on my hobby! LOVE IT! It is challenging, yes! Does it sometimes take me outside of my comfort one, HECK YES! But action is the best way to work through fear. I’m loving the experience and I’m excited for that experience. I am proud to say I made some awesome sample bags, sooo much fun! I’ve been in Michael’s/Hobby Lobby more in the past few weeks than the past 10 years! I enjoyed grabbing coffee with a new friend this week. I didn’t realize how nice it was to grab coffee on a Saturday afternoon! No pressure of having to get up and study, life has many enjoyable things!

The kids are going nuts, the spring weather energizes them :D. They are running all over the house (geez want their energy) and of course the cats are hiding because the dogs are running all over! It is soo fun to watch the dogs and cats interact. You would think they would hate each other but I think the cats/dogs have bonded. They cry when they don’t see each other, if I have the dogs in my office….the cats sit outside and howl. If I have the cats in the office, the dogs sit outside and whine. It is tooo cute. I am so thankful we have a rented home where we can enjoy having a family of furry kids!

I’m off tomorrow! YAY! MLK day means a vacation day. LOVE IT! I’m excited to see what this week will bring. Stay strong, I hope your pain doesn’t slow you down this week. I suffered horribly last night with a MAJOR flare in my hips and knees, so much pain. Even today, my body is feeling that major stabbing pain….I know the couch and I will be buddies. But I’m thankful for Netlfix, Hulu, my computer, and my phone…I don’t feel sooo alone πŸ˜€




Some have asked….what are some of your goals?? Well I have MANY! But I will share a few….

1) I have a goal to travel the world, starting with Santorini/Greek Islands, Turkey, French Riviera, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, England, Kula Lampur, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Jakarta, New Zealand and sooo many more places. I’m not limiting myself…why?? Have a goal to travel…make it happen!

2) I want to see the US too! I want to see Los Angeles, Hollywood, Napa Valley, the Seattle Steeple, Chicago, Vegas, New York City, Boston, all the Ivy leagues institutions, and MUCH MUCH more.

3) I want to develop confidence, and go through life learning new things. There is nothing like being a life long learner.

4) Passion, I want to be passionate about what I do!

5) I have a goal to give back to the community! I want to serve in the community

These are just some of my goals! I hope you share some of yours πŸ™‚


The Rain falls

The rain falls…I thought that it would finally stop after last week but nope more rain today! I don’t know why but I continue to be amazed at how I feel when it rains. The pain, the Fibro flaring, and the swollen joints….I really really want someone to scientifically explain to me how in the world the weather and the autoimmune system connect!! How in the world does the rain make me feel so bad? Granted I am sure some smart person has made the connection…maybe I should search Google for answers πŸ™‚

I have really been enjoying my week, yes the pain is ever present and yes it is so annoying. I had some nights where the pain has been so intense. I don’t think the Enbrel has stopped working, I think I just felt that bad because it was soo cold and because the low temperature was combine with rain! Not sure why but the Enbrel REALLY bruised this week 😦 Made me sad! I have only had a bad bruise twice, I guess I need more practice with my shots πŸ˜›

Two awesome things I have learned this week, I love being able to talk with people. I didn’t realize how much I missed that treat while I was in school. Prior to school I was such a social butterfly (guess you could look at my college grades to see that Β LOL) but then in graduate school/doc program I really focused…life consisted of sleep,eating, working my job, and school. I did NOTHING else. I came home and it was straight to the books, constantly working on homework, or working on a paper/dissertation. Now that my dissertation is just about done, it means that I have so much more free time! I LOVE IT! I totally see why people who stop school…..struggle to go back. I know right now, if I was to go back to the writing, the homework, the tests, etc….I would struggle. My new-found freedom of life…that’s hard to give up.

I have also enjoyed developing “The Beautiful Place.” So far it has been a great week talking with old friends, getting to share some about the skin care products/color cosmetics, and getting training on leadership etc. I have realized there are goals in my life, and most importantly I have realized the value of writing down those goals. Seeing those goals in front of me, reading those goals as the days go by, and telling myself as I wake up that I have goals….brings determination. I know 2015 will be an awesome, different, life changing year. I’m excited to see what happens :0



The new year has started with a bang! So much going on! Β New for me, I realized I was “bored” at night so I decided I needed a hobby. Well actually my hubby has been telling me for months that I need a hobby. Now that I’m just working on dissertation edits, I have free time and after having a huge goal (a 12 year goal) I needed something to focus on. Who knew that I wouldn’t know what to do with FREE TIME! I have only prayed for free time over the past 5-7 years as I would spend EVERY free minute doing homework.

Long story short, I thought about my options…my hubby and I set some great goals for 2015 (financial health/better practices, emotional/spiritual/marital growth, and physical health improvement). As I thought back over what I like to do in life…I was like what in the world would I do as a hobby. I thought cooking…then realized…I’m not a huge fan of cooking, it wouldn’t relax me and I don’t think I would grow any talent along the way (side note on cooking below).

I ran into a friend of mine who just started running her own Mary Kay business, and we had some discussion. She convinced that why not give it a whirl. No I never thought I would start my own cosmetic “business.” But I will say so far it has been very interesting. I have been two meetings, it is fun to meet women who are enjoying talking about beauty and relationships. I know for me my goals of this “business” would me to meet women and share beauty/skin care techniques/makeovers (ohhh to work as a wedding make up artist!) BUT above that I want use this opportunity as a way to develop friendships and ministry to women. As someone who suffers severe pain I know the damage the medicine does to our skin, our face, our body as whole. I also realize that the days I feel the worst on the inside, are the days I need to do something to feel some relief…weirdly for me sometimes just putting some color on my face makes me feel just a tad better. I’m excited to see the future, I’m excited to see who I will meet and most of all I’m hopeful that this will be a good “hobby” for me.

Back to cooking! Hubby and I decided one change we would do is to go grocery shopping on Saturday morning, and then spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday after church cooking for the week! This week we did a test run and I will be proud to say I love the food we made. Thank you Food Network! But you know as they say, hobbies take time to do so I hope that we continue to repeat the hobby!

The pain has been tough this week, I think the cold weather/damp weather has not been helpful! Although I know I complain about the weather…we are much warmer in Houston that some places in the US. I had friends who are experiencing some MAJOR MAJOR cold! I am definitely thinking about them tonight!

Here is to warm weather tomorrow (RIGHT!)


Happy 2015!

2015 is here! Praise the lord. I’m excited to see what this year brings, I know much will change.

Hubby and I meal planned and grocery shopped today. We also made three meals that went into Glad tupperware so we can heat up through that week. Now that I am not doing homework every night, I am hoping that we can start eating healthier. Eating out was so easy, especially when working full time and spending most of every night and weekend studying. We made a yummy pot of sloppy joe (I love), some maple/Apple chicken, and some chicken stir fry. Tomorrow we are making a shepherds pie casserole and some chicken tostadas. I really like the apps I found, the food network app has recipes and a grocery list function. After I pick the recipes for the week, I email myself the grocery list. Then I enter that list into my grocery store app, and as I shop I add the price. It gives me a running list of what im spending. We also have found the Target Cartwheel app to save us money, Market Pantry foods!!! πŸ™‚

Another plus of today, I paid my last semester of my doctorate tuition!!! I am taking 3 hours of dissertation to complete my doctorate requirements, so nice to be close to this finish line. I’m more excited to do my final defense than my proposal defense. My final defense, at least for me, feels like a requirement but not necessarily something I should fear. Im nervous but excited too. God is good, he has provided and sustained me through such a journey.

Off to check in with my pen pal in Berlin!

xO J