Time Flies So FAST

Is it just me ….or does time fly incredibly fast?? I know that it seems like October was JUST here! Are we really within a few months of Christmas AGAIN!! Wow! I am getting old! 🙂 I have been keeping busy with statistics, writing up statistics, and digging into my resiliency research.  Unfortunately the lack of sleep has caused a SERIOUS increase in my pain levels, it has been annoying to say the least!! There is nothing worse than needing to desperately study but have a brain so foggy and cloudy from pain that you end up sitting in front of  a computer and really accomplishing NOTHING! 😦

But that is ok because I am still pushing through, one day at a time! 🙂 And for that I am incredibly thankful! This weekend I have a college game to go through! This weekend my school plays our rival school! I get to take a break and enjoy it!! I am looking forward to the relaxation with friends and hanging out NOT doing statistics!

So before I go I have to share one thought that has been at the back of my mind for awhile, why is that that people love to say they are thinking about you….but never put any action to those words? I have so many people that WHEN I see them (weeks/months can go by) they give me the “I’ve been thinking about you a lot” or “I think of you all the time” but YET I have heard ZERO/NOTHING/NADA from them!! Why is it so hard for people to put ACTIONS to their WORDS! Because honestly when you just say word whenever I see you, and you do nothing else….I sincerly begin to doubt that you care! I’m seeing this more and more because I have given a significant amount of time in the last year to several different groups. To all to those groups I have not been in the last month or so because of school/health etc. BUT to date I have gotten two emails and that was only after I wrote (after missing 2 weeks) that I would be in little attendance until further notice. The one response was “I HOPE YOU ARE FEELING BETTER”, and my response was “YES WHEN THERE IS A CURE, and I further explained my illness.” The person’s response….” I hope you start feeling better soon.” REALLY? The second email was “we are praying for you” ….ok great….but yet in a month and a half…there is no evidence to me that you have even thought of me….hmmm…. And then I get a fb message from another person…”I hope you start feeling better soon.” Eventually I know I need to accept people struggle to care and think about someone they CANNOT SEE as being sick. But should we accept it? I for one hope and think that people should get better at understanding those with invisible illness. Just because you cannot see someone is sick…THINK and ACT like you do care! You might not know what they are going through or how to help them but you can at least share with them in some way that you care about them. Put actions behind your words!

Yes that is my soapbox! And I do appreciate people who reach out and care but I struggle when people are told over and over and over about my disease, what it means, what it doesn, how it affects me and the words….yet still sit there and go “so you must be feeling better today because you look great.” I hope that one day I will be surrounded by friends that meet those special needs of mine. I have many I know on this blog and through my facebook page and a few that live around me but I hope one day that I can be surrounded (and I hope you can be too) by people who are sincere, caring and not hurtful and oblivious to the many struggles that people like us fight every day!

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