Time flies

Wow does time fly! I cannot believe we are almost in November 2012! It seems like the year just started…much less inching closer to being married three years! I remember as a kid never really thinking of getting married…gosh I wanted to make it to 25 (at the time it seemed sooooo old!). Do not you love how our perspectives change as we grow up!

I’m diving headfirst into statistics, the semester is growing to a close…soon I will be less than six weeks away from finishing my first full year as a doctoral student. I still remember thinking in college how I could not wait to be where I am today! I always though the name “doctoral student” was too cool! It is cool but it is a lot of work too!
I was back looking at my wedding photos and I thought I would share the song that I used to walk down the aisle. I did not want to use the traditional wedding march…instead I found this bridal march by Jonathan Cain. LOVED it! It was perfect for me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Passing it on

On facebook today I mentioned passing on our knowledge. I was a young newly diagnosed RA’r just a few years ago. I was terrified angry and dealing with a lot of things at that time. Now I am thankful that I have found friends who understand and people (groups) who are there for me too. Granted we are all unique, we react uniquely to our illnesses, we react differently to medication/tx and we HAVE to respect that about each other. I can do this thing and react this way…the next person may not ..and the third might only a little bit. That said here are two AWESOME sites in case you are looking like I was:


http://squeakyj.com/ – amazing group!

http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/ – love this site!


Do you ever stop and think about all our connections? I grew up in a country that was definitely behind the US “times.” For the longest time my little village did not have internet/telephone and certainly did not have the cool the little things I see kids playing with today. That aside though, I sometimes do not realize how cool it is that now if we wanted to talk to someone around the world we totally can do that! We are connected to many new and cool places! That also means we can connect one on one to people who are miles away from us!

I know that even though I am living in a unique circumstance, I am thankful that I can connect to people from around the world! I never though much about that until recently.ย  I was talking to someone yesterday and I was like..thank goodness I was born to enjoy the gadgets of the 21st century! I’m thankful for my connections (my blog, twitter, facebook, etc.). I still remember the days of xanga and myspace ;P…seems like forever ago although I know it was not. I am thankful for the connections that all my gadgets have brought…it certainly makes life feel less lonely! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ahhh the memories of the BIG day :)

One special day…many interesting (some good some bad) memories….I figured for the next few days as we inch closer to the anniversary of our BIG day I would share some ofย  the pictures I have. I cannot believe three years ago about this time I was putting the touches on things. Here are some of the pictures to mark the moment.



I got my first voter registration card in the mail yesterday! I feel like such an adult! ๐Ÿ™‚ excited that not only will Election Day be my 3rd year wedding anniversary BUT also it will be my first time to vote.

To avoid the long lines and hopefully the pain and stress of standing in line….I’m shooting to early vote this weekend! Yay!


New Toy!

After a long day, our errands ended with our bring home a new toy! I love technology toys (yes technology makes me happy)! We are coming up to three years of being married…wow cannot believe that! We had only been married months when we got my RA/Lupus and Fibro dx. That kinda put a huge dent in our life but we have fought through. It really took our wedding vows to a new level. Honestly I would have been great taking care of my husband at 80, but what about my husband taking care of me at 23?

Treasure your time, treasure the good days and those people who truly are there for you!

Don’t give up, even when people seem cruel! Fight back and become someone despite your pain and hurt!