Hello Cold, you can leave now!

I hope today has been a far more productive day for you than me! I have felt under the weather since Thursday, this whole weekend I have felt blah!

My first cold med free and I will say, having an immune system you certainly handle colds better! However the pain has tripled and the fatigue has been higher than any number I could give it!

This all makes studying soooo hard! But I am determined to keep fighting! I do not give up, at least not this easily! It will take a bit more to knock me down and keep me down!!!

I will rest tonight….to fight harder tomorrow!

I will study my hardest tomorrow…to prepare for another week of classes!

I will continue to pray and praise God… to shine for God!

I will share my story…..because I want the world to know I do not survive…I live!

Praying for a great night, strength for tomorrow and for a day where I feel better!

It is a study day

My first cold of 2012! Ugh! Thank God for cold and flu meds! 🙂 I’m spending my day studying, reading, writing and hopefully resting some! One of my study buddies wanted to read my book 🙂 while her sister decided she would rather sleep!

Today I am about 3 weeks no meds! I am praying for insurance soon! My body feels so much worse with out medicine! I am praying for a change in our healthcare system! Just because you have a systematic disease does be mean you should be denied insurance! Keep me in prayers!




Such learning

Do you ever just feel completely worn out? Today is a day that I feel I have run a long race and now I am ready to sleep. Part of me feels like my doctorate is a marathon, which I guess it kind of is really…it is a test of endurance. You prepare by getting your college degree and your masters degree. Those are what mentally prepare you for this race! I always have wanted to do a marathon, I never thought it would be done like this.

I just finished my first women’s bible study! Awesome! The speaker really hit home on some points! Sometimes we are called to do things we do not understand, why? Because this is something better down the line! I appreciated her example of the girl who loved her fake pearls so much that she wouldn’t give them to her dad. When she finally did, he gave her a set of real pearls! How many times do we hold onto something for so long because we like it or because we are comfortable with it? God asks us to be open to change, to give it to him (be it our career, our home, where we live etc) and yet we are too scared to do that. Instead we would feel happier doing so of we knew why! But that is not how God works!

If I knew that the reason I was not getting another full time position all last year was because I was going to get into a doctoral program, I probably would have felt better about myself! I didn’t know that, I had to be patient and be teachable! That is another key, be teachable! Sometimes you will learn from a friend but sometimes you also learn from an enemy!

So much good learning!