2011 has closed for the east coast and here in Texas it will end its about 30 minutes! Are you ready? What do you want to forget about in 2011, what do you want to change in 2012?

Enjoy the last few minutes of 2011 and be blessed as we welcome 2012!!!!

I know I had hoped I would be pain free and sadly I am not! BUT I remain faithful and I know that despite RALF, 2012 will be awesome.

As my year closes, I shed a few tears for some of the most painful times of my life have been in 2011. Some is the most amazing experiences have been in 2011. My hardest challenges and some of the greatest memories are contained in 2011!

Lord whatever you have in store for me in 2012, here I am willing and ready! For changes that I know are coming, continue to give me peace and joy. For the unknowns of this year, may I grow stronger in 2012! May 2012 be the best year so far, may my journey bring knowledge that surpasses everything I know now. May life changing experiences happen and may 2012 bring some amazing memories!

Almost the end of the Year!

I do not know why but I love the end of the year! You can sit and think about everything that you went through this year….and things that you want to change or not do next year!
January – Started Lyrica for my Fibromyalgia…for the first time I was getting some relief!

February – Cold/Cough led to a horrible reaction to an antibiotic; ended up getting so sick that I spent 13 days in the hospital. I lost 20 pounds from this experience, ended up using a wheelchair/walker and cane.

March – Worked on recovering my leg strength, body strength, and still felt so exhausted. The Fibro fatigue was just awful!

April – Realized that I wanted to get my MA this year; I switched programs to finish in August. I was not in classes but I started preparing myself to take 9hrs of graduate school over 16 weeks of summer school (IT WAS NOT FUN!! )

May – Was preparing to fly to my Class of 2011 graduation ceremony but ended up not going. It was a hard thing to miss my MA graduation but I know for sure I will not miss my Ed.D. graduation 🙂 Also got an email about traveling to Rwanda, Africa to do grief/ptsd counseling :).

June – Applied for the Rwanda trip, started my 9hrs of graduate school. Worked on walking, worked on getting through with my classes and seeing what else God had in store for me to do.

July – Studying, studying, studying, studying, studying and yes studying! 🙂

August – DONE!! YAY!! YAY!! I can finally put two letters behind my name :)!!! SCORE!! And I found out I was going to AFRICA!! 🙂

September – preparing for my trip, getting my first shots (UGH!!) but it as totally worth it! 🙂

October – Got one year older, Africa was less than a month away! 🙂

November- 2 year wedding anniversary…didn’t really get to celebrate because stuff was going on but we celebarted over Thanksgiving. I left for AFRICA! Most amazing experience so far in my life…very close to my experience to India and Europe. I have  found that every trip I go on (of the 50+) each one teaches me something new! Thanksgiving break, I got to sleep in at a hotel! It was great, Thanksgiving meal was Lean Cuisine and Whataburger

December- I GOT ACCEPTED TO A DOCTORAL PROGRAM!!!! AMAZING! The first person in my family to get an MA and the first person to get an Ed.D. (or even a Ph.d or Psy.D).  Incredibly amazing!


But above all things…this year was the first full year that I have lived with diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus and Fibormyalgia. I also gained COA (Chronic Obstructive Asthma), Diabetes, and heart issues! Despite all of this… I have learned sooooooooooooooooooo much about living.

What about you?? What is your year in a nutshell…it is fun to remember your memories for the year 🙂