Resting this weekend!

Hey World!

Appointment with cardiologist DONE!!! She was awesome, I truly enjoyed meeting with her and discussing my options. Sadly I will not be able to stop by heart/bp medication! While my actual heart looks great…for some reason my heart/bp does not regulate itself so much to my dismay. I will be on medication probably the rest of my life! YAY! NOT!! But even though I learned that she made the visit well worth the wait to see her! I go back in six months to see how I’m doing! Who knows maybe there will be a miracle! 🙂

Thursday I was actually taken in early for the first time in forever!! It was nice that there was little traffic so I actually made it to me my doctor’s office about 20 minutes early. We were only sitting there about 10 minutes (if that ) before we were taken back to the procedure room! I am thankful that I found a great doctor and the procedure went as smoothly as possible. Definitely not pain free, in fact probably the most pain I have ever felt at one time. I have been in significant pain from the procedure since last night but I think tonight I feel like I’m back on the mend!

Matt and I went to Wal-mart today to get more meds and give me a chance to stretch my legs. It certainly does not take getting much at Wal-Mart to spend some money LOL! It was nice though to walk around and see all the people bustling around getting school supplies! I miss the days of getting stuff for my college dorm! Those were some fun times!!

Still nothing yet about Africa…guess I will probably be waiting another week!! Torture!!

Here is what Precious does though when she doesn’t want to think about the world 🙂


Have you ever been in a place where you feel restless? I know for me, there are times during the day that I just want to get out and do things. Hopefully now that I think I’m starting to work my way back up; I can actually get out and do things! Today was a slow day thank God! We all need those slow days! But I caught myself doing a lot of thinking! Predominately because you can’t but wonder what the future will be like! I had an excellent conversation with a colleague at work and it was nice to hear how others may understand my disease. One thing I really appreciate is that fact that  I am surrounded by people who care, each in their own way!

Hopefully today I can one day closer to hearing back about Rwanda and I am one day closer to the end of my MA! HURRAY! 🙂

Anyways, here is a picture of how EXCITED Pepper was to be at the Vet’s office! Poor thing she was NOT a happy camper 😦

Poor thing she is just soooo upset  😦 Sad part is she has to go back next week……


I survived Monday!

Woohoo! Monday is done and that means I am one day closer to Friday! HURRAY!! I submitted one paper today …..nervously hoping I did not completely ruin my A in the class. Although if it happens oh well!! I am ready to be finish! 🙂 Especially today because for some reason I just wanted to lay on the couch this afternoon and not really do anything productive!

Sadly though the rest of this week will not be slow! Tomorrow Pepper has to go to the vet, then Wednesday I have a doctor’s appointment and same on Thursday! I guess I should enjoy my one slow night of the week huh???? 🙂 That’s my goal but at the same time I struggle to not dig into homework although I know I’m working on getting most of it done already! Now I only have a paper and a test to finish. Tonight I am going to work on outlining some chapters and then hopefully I will start going through my research. My poor printer…I ran it dry this afternoon! Although to make the printer happy, I did remind him that it was the last time for a while that he would be printing a ton of research articles. Poor thing is not looking forward to when I get into a doctoral degree!

It is hilarious! Both of the girls are sound asleep on different parts of the house. Precious decided that since Matt is out working on a project, that she would claim his couch. Pepper on the other hand after getting moved out of my lap numerous amounts of times, that she would only sleep on the floor beside me. I feel bad I made her move too much :(.

Hopefully I can catch them in really good poses soon! Still nothing on my application yet! Although I did ask my rheumatologist what she thought of my getting a yellow fever vacation and the malaria meds that CDC recommends for travel to Africa. Gosh my heart stops when I think that I may be so close to a dream. While I will be crushed if this time falls through, the good thing is it is helping me push even harder to try to get back to a “normal.” I looked at my wheelchair today and realized that hopefully (and thankfully) I would not be using it for a while. Although trust me I am blessed to have not only a manual wheelchair but also a mechanical one. The good thing is that I have something to use as God needs me to use. For now though my legs and energy are holding up! Thankfully better than a few weeks ago!

Ok back to the homework I go! 🙂


I love Sunday’s because it is another day of relaxation but at the same time I greatly dislike the thought of having to go to work tomorrow! Not that work is a horrible place but it is so much better when you  can just sit and watch TV at home! I have worked on some homework this weekend! My goal is to get my research done and read by this weekend so I can work on my paper all next week. That will give me more than enough time I hope to get a decent paper written.

We went and had dinner with one of our closet couple friends! It was a lot of fun to have dinner and laugh. Sometimes you forget how special it is to have friends, until you actually get to hang out with them! Hopefully Matt and I can start doing more of that!

Ok! Back to watching a few more episodes of my show before bedtime! To another week, hopefully a less painful one! AND hopefully I will hear something back on my application..whether it be good or bad I want to know!


Today has been the best day ever! I was able to lay on the couch and watch TV all day. LOVELY! I am thankful that I was able to rest and relax. Although I have had to stop myself from trying to do homework because I promised myself that this would be a homework free weekend. I have everything done for this week, part of next week’s writing done and working on the next week’s small project. My goal next week is to do my research, submit one paper and begin working on the other one. I’m praying that I get an A in this class but I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for it to be done!

I am thankful for an awesome boss! She let me go home early on Thursday so I could do errands. It really helped me out on Friday because I drove out of town to meet a friend. We had an awesome lunch catching up on what I have missed not being around her. Then I was able to drive back town and having another meeting with the insurance guy!! HURRAY!

I am very nervously waiting for my application to the Rwanda team! I am hoping and crossing my fingers that I will at least be given a chance. We shall see!!!!

Off to watching more movies and chilling! Relaxation WOOHOO!!!

Rwanda – Could you forgive?

I receieved an amazing email earlier this week, my school is partnering with a ministry to bring counseling student over to Rwanda to help with their need. Watch the video and let me know what you think! Here is part of the email I received.

You are invited to travel to Africa this November with Liberty University to minister to the people of Rwanda. This unique trip will place students face to face with the people of Rwanda and provide hands on opportunities to care for those most in need. We’ll spend time in places like the Hope Village, built for orphans of the genocide. Participants will get to invest in relationships with believers at the Church of the Blessed Mango tree.To learn more about the powerful work of reconciliation currently occurring in Rwanda, follow the link:

So the question is…could you forgive?


Today has the been the day to lay on the couch and watch more movies! I seriously need a hobby that does not take much work but that stimulates my brain! Any suggestions????

The girls have been playing and sleeping all day! I envy them sooo much! As cats all they really have to be concerned with is if they have food and where their litter box is located. Although Pepper is determined to destroy the house by  dragging anything she can around the room! You have to love cats…so inqusitive about everything! It’s so funny and cute!

I was tempted to get a pedicure today but I just did not have any energy! 😦 SAD!! Although at least I worked on 5 different applications and sent them in! I laughed Matt’s support was this “you know some people send out 100’s of applications and never hear back.” Which I know is true and I am just hoping and praying that God shows me where he would like me to go. My dream would be to stay in this company that I currently work with but move up a notch or two with getting my degree and then continue moving up as the years go by. I have made a decision though I will not move laterally and I will not stay where I am…hopefully that works out lol!

Back to watching movies! Say a prayer for my stiffness and’s been really bad today! How some people make it through years of living like this…I have no idea. Although I guess I will be finding out!