I noticed that my last post was from back in February! I was getting ready to head back to Italy! What an amazing trip it was, from the weather being amazing to just being back in a country that one would be hard-pressed not to love! Italy captures beauty, history, amazing food (and wine), and so much more. We had a great trip, and I’m excited to go  back in less than a year :).

Now I am getting ready for another journey! Yup, this time traveling to the opposite side of the globe! I’m excited to check off another country on my list, it is not a country I thought I would visit but it is a country that I am thrilled to see in my lifetime.  I’m excited to take picture and share the experience with you all when I get home.

Updates on my health? The usual would be the answer to that, although Simponi is helping some…I still haven’t found “full relief.” I have added daily vitamins, especially for hair growth as that has been a tremendous side effect.  But other than that, I have also added walking daily to my list (well most days). As I think I mentioned, in January I got an Apple Watch and it has certainly been a life changer. I have enjoyed “closing my circles” and getting a daily walk in. I originally tried to walk in the evenings after work but I soon learned better to wake up early during the work week and get my walk in. Now my day seems off if I don’t get that walk in! I even found the gym at the hotels when I have traveled over the summer (how cool is that!).

The journey is still just as hard though, I feel lonely. The pain is everpresent as is the fatigue. And I’ve felt more alone this year than ever before. I think there are a lot of contributing factors to that but it has been a challenge to say the least.

Our furry kids are growing oh so big! Michael is closing in on 100 pounds, and is adorable as ever. I just love his breed. Leia rules the place in tandem with Precious. Raven and Pepper have become close friends :). We have adopted the #Tuckerzoo hashtag since it does feel like we have a brood of our own. That said, we wouldn’t trade them for the world either.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next few weeks, as there will be many exciting things happening!



It’s almost time!

The past few weeks have been crazy! But good crazy! I have always enjoyed staying busy, I certainly didn’t have a problem with that these past two weeks! It was nice to rest this weekend, I got to PACK! 

Yup, its that time again! This time next week I’ll be on a transatlantic flight to Germany! I’m excited and hopeful that this trip to Italy will be amazing! I hope our students have an amazing experience and I pray that we all come back having had an amazing time. 

I’m looking forward to the culture, the country, the food, and the sites! Can’t wait to see what has changed :-)! 

So I packed and picked up last minute items! I’m praying my allergies get under control, and I pray that my body holds up and does good during the trip. I’m going to miss my kiddos! 

Raven has done a fabulous job adjusting to our home. She is such an adorable kitty! Check my Facebook page for some recent pictures :-). 

Hoping for a great week! 

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Crazy 2 weeks

It has been some insane two weeks! I’m crossing fingers that this week I’m not at the office as much as I have been! Not that I hate my job transitions, quite the opposite I love the changes! For those that know me, they know I love challenges and new things. It’s never a dull day and for that I am grateful! 

I added my Simponi last week (a week ago today)! I’m amazed that it IS working (mind you I’ve failed two other biological and countless DMARDS)! So yes yah for something that works. Not yay for the side effects! 😦 but hey if I had to choose…..I’ve made the choice that affords me the opportunities I want in my life.

We also added to our family! While we are still praying for a two legged baby, we added a four legged baby! We went to one of the local animal shelters and this adorable baby (3 months) kitty just touched my heart. As soon as I walked in she meowed and wanted me to give her attention. And while we didn’t have a long time (we got there right before closing) I knew she needed to spend no more nights in a kennel. She has enjoyed some yummy food, a clean litter box and a nice warm bed to sleep on. We picked her name, Raven! She is going to grow into one adorable kitty. Granted at the moment she isn’t sure about the clan she joined….but in a week or two she probably will be happier about being the youngest of five. And hey one day she might be best buds with Pepper and Precious and even Leia and Michael! 🙂

Check out some of her pictures below 🙂 

Furry babies and cooking

For many, our furry babies are our babies. Today our youngest, Michael (Great Pyrneees, a year old next month) woke us up crying. Backing up a bit, on Sunday we noticed he was licking a spot on his back leg. I went on Monday and got him some anti-itch spray and we thought it was working. However, Thursday despite the daily sprays, Michael was still poking at the spot. We decided perhaps a cone would help, Friday Michael did whatever he could be to get to that spot. This morning, I went to spray his spot and I noticed red,swollen skin on his back legs…and I went to touch it and he cried in pain. We called our vet immediately and they worked us in on their packed day. They had to put Michael to sleep (not full anesthesia but heavy sedation) so they could shave his fur and see what they were looking at. His poor leg is covered in broken skin, red, and scabed. He came home and he was so loopy and sick from the heavy sedation he peed alll over himself. After we cleaned him up he finally got settled. Off and on we have gotten him up to drink, and potty. We found some new sores just a little bit ago right where he his tail rubs so we used some gentamicin spray to help. Unfortunately he is going to be miserable the next few days :-(. It is so hard to watch your furry babies (and babies) be sick and in pain.

While we were watching Michael for the third week ina row (record) we meal planned!!!! We have used our slow cooker more this year than any year. We made some beef/bean burritos, some broccoli/beef/fried rice, and made some slow cooked beans/ham. Our goal this year is to better our food choices, better our health, and makes some financial goals happen.

We have been tracking our finances successfully for three weeks! Within a few more weeks I hope to say it is a habit! We have also been planning several big meals that we cook on Saturday afternoon and/or Sunday afternoon. We split up the portions into Tupperware dishes so it is easy to warm up after we get home from work! I’m very happy we are making progress on that goal.

Also personally, I’m making strides on walking on the treadmill (I.e., Toby)! One of the best aides to that is my Apple Watch! It becomes a goal to #closethecircles!!!! I am determined for some positive, and life changing (on so many levels) goals to be accomplished this year. I’m definitely excited about make better/healthier habits!

It will be a long night, hubby and I are alternating every two hours to take michale potty. Side effect of his major steroid shot, lots of panting/drinking/going potty. AND of course it has to be pouring outside! 

#prayinghegetsbettersoon #greatpryenees #notevenayearoldyet


A purpose of goals is to create new and (usually) better habits! I am so excited for some of the new goals and steps taken this year. One of which is getting an Apple Watch and tracking my daily steps. There is something about getting off the couch and onto Toby (treadmill). What I have learned is it is hard to walk on a treadmill with an IPhone 6+. For the health app to track your steps, you have to hold your phone and that tends to smack the emergency stop bottom (more than once). Which that violently throws the treadmill into a stop which causes one to almost smack their new face of braces into the front of Toby. So I’m anxiously waiting for my Apple Watch to get here. I went to play with some today and I am anxiously stalking my order (please stop processing and send now!). 

Financial tracking has been one of the best additions to our lives (thank you EC Finance Facebook group). It is not only tracking our paying down debt, but it is also tracking our daily expenses as well. We have always had a budget, although not always living to the budget. The medical expenses the past several months and the wishlist (what we want to do with our future) are just part of the desire to track and learn to balance the books! The wish list has things from trips to Europe, Canada, and many more fun locations in the United States! 

Other than that, it’s been an awesome weekend trying to adjust to braces. Pain is a normal thing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus, it’s been interesting to see how much the pain of braces has affected the flares of the other issues. Maybe by next  week chewing won’t be so difficult. Although maybe the soup will help with the weight loss goals #hearisdreaming

Let’s see what comes this week! 

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Leia sleeping away
Michael rules the couch